Passage of the week

Week Beginning 18th February


HEBREWS  Chapter 4: verse 1

Now God has offered us the promise that we may receive that rest He spoke about. Let us take care then, that none of you will be found to have failed to receive that rest.

Our behavior can improve, but not until we fully accept our righteousness through Jesus. Jesus puts us in the seat of righteousness and we need to learn to relax and stop trying to be what we already are. When we truly understand that we cannot do anything to make ourselves righteous and that we do not have to prove anything to God, we are able to rest in the gift of righteousness Jesus gives to us—and that will make us bold in our petitions and confident in God’s desire to answer us. God does hear or answer our prayers because we are good, He hears and answers because He is good. Love who you are because God created you with His own hands.


Week Beginning 25th February


2 SAMUEL  Chapter 7: verse 27

Almighty Lord, God of Israel! I have the courage to pray his prayer to You because You have revealed all this to me.

God sometimes speaks to us and gives us “prayer assignments.” If God speaks to you and gives you an assignment to pray for someone or something, you will not have to “try” to work up a desire to pray; you will find them in your heart and mind and prayer will be easy. You may even find yourself praying for them without even consciously planning to do so. When someone is in your heart or mind, believe you are hearing from God and pray. You can’t do everything and do anything well, so find your assignment and enter God’s rest.


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